Do you know which female vibrators are used?

312 Published by Ally Wei 5月 13,2019

Do you know which female vibrators are used?

For many people, sex toys have become a standard part of their sex life. Whether that sex life is with one or more partners, or cuddling up in bed solo for a mind-blowing masturbation session, sex toys have found a home not just in our bedrooms, but in our hearts. Because of this, everyone has a favorite sex toy — from the random person on the street, to the sex therapists and sexologists out there.

There’s this fear that sex toys are making people less into each other, that they’re too mechanical etc, but they actually improve sex, make people want to be with each other, and can connect you over long distances.

It doesn’t matter if we call it the orgasm gap or the pleasure gap; the fact remains that sex toys can really help close that gap and create orgasm equality for all. Although your coital focus doesn’t have to be on having an orgasm, as the journey is definitely equally delicious, having sex toys within reach to make that journey even more satisfying is great.

We are the 12-year experienced of sex vibrator china manufactuer.We have 8 kinds of female virators.Whether you’re new to sex toys or looking to add something to your collection, here we recommend 2 styles of each kind female vibrator for your reference.

1.Silicone vibrator.Poeple life quality is getting better and better.More and more people prefer silicone vibrators because silicone is the best materials.Soft and I am sending 2 hot sale silicone vibrators pictures as below:

women vibratortongue clit vibrator

2.Clitoris Vibrators. Basically all women like clitoris vibrator.Clitoris vibrator can take women to orgasm easily.Pictures as following:

clitoris vibrator

clitoris sex vibrator

3.vibrating egg.Maybe you use vibrating egg before. It is very convenient to use.You can use it anywhere including on busy and in street.,etc.

vibrating egg

sex egg vibrator

4.Jack Rabbit Vibrators.Jack rabbit vibrators is very very popular.It is cheap and good feeling.

rabbit vibrator

jack vibrator

5. Artificial dildo.Artificial dildo look like the real penis.Some new women also know what it is.

sex toy dildo vibrator

adult dildo vibrator

6.MINI vibrator.Mini vibrator is very small.But,it can also pleasure you very well.

MINI vibrator

MINI SEX vibrator

7.Breast vibrator.Many women also want to breast vibrator for masturbation or enlarging their breast.

Nipple vibrator

breast vibrator

8.kegel ball vibrator.Smart ball can shrink women’ vaginal.So, a woman who produces a child needs it really.

smart ball

kegel ball

Each introduces only two products, maybe you are still not enough.If that,pls go to our

We would update and upload more and more our products there.So,it is the better to keep following our so that you would not miss something.

This article must be very helpful after you read carefully it.You can understand classification of female vibrators very well.You wouldn’t be worried anymore about how to use it after you see it in the market.Have a nice sex time!


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